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Volume 4: Issue 43

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Harness the Power of AI

AI’s been here. Now learn where it’s going. The AI Boot Camp from Columbia University serves as an introduction for those just entering tech, and builds on that foundation with specialized AI skills.Β 

This learning experience is perfect for those looking to upskill and set themselves apart. Upon completion, you will be prepared to lead AI conversations β€” and initiatives β€” to bring about key results for organizations.Β 

No previous programming skills are required to apply.

Why choose the AI Boot Camp?

  • Lead the way in all things AI: Learn how to leverage AI and machine learning to automate, solve problems, and drive results. No previous programming experience required.

  • Showcase AI skills to employers: Build a portfolio through challenges and team-based projects. Gain access to a network of 250+ employers

  • Explore funding options: Find payment plans and other financial resources to meet your needs.


Jordan Peterson: Fix Yourself Before It's Too Late

Jordan B. Peterson, renowned psychologist and author, explains the importance of not wasting your life, how you should strive to be better every single day and how by fixing your life, you not only help yourself but everyone you come in contact with.


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